Where to start….?

So, this is my blog.  And I’m going to use it to write about books I’ve read, films I’ve watched, places I’ve visited and maybe the odd bit of food I’ve tasted too.

I’ve been reading two or three books a week on my commute to work for quite a while now and that’s really why I started this blog. I love books and I love giving someone a great recommendation but I’ve got a bad memory. Hopefully, writing them down as I go will help me remember all those good reads that have helped me through my often painful bus journey to work in the wee small hours.

But it’s not just books.  I like a lot of other stuff too. On any given day I’ll watch a film, read a book, go to a pub, eat some food (everyday, that one) or take the hound out for a walk somewhere new. (Ted’s his name – you’ll hear more from him) They’re the themes of this blog: books, films, food and drink. And maybe some others that I haven’t thought of yet.

So, if I’m updating this blog everyday, you know I’ve been doing something. If it’s been a few weeks of cybersleep, then I’m probably sitting at home doing bugger all. Or I’m having too much fun to bother with it. Or maybe I’m reading War and Peace.

I’ve got high hopes that I’ll be posting at least once a week but I’m easily distracted, so let’s just see how it goes…

In the meantime, welcome! I’ll be updating my first book review shortly…


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