Cy Twombly

Cy Twombley has been one of my favourite artist’s since being shown one of his paintings by my tutor at Art school. He’s the ultimate intellectual abstract painter. He doesn’t splash around for the sake of it; every one of his paintings is carefully thought out and full of metaphor. He can’t be pigeon holed and he has always walked his own path.

(Incidentally, the homepage image of this blog is a Twombly: Panorama, from 1955.)

And if you want to look beyond the amazing painting surfaces (which you should) you’ll see a lot of myth hidden here. Think Homer, Ancient Greece and the Italian countryside, seen through a mad painter’s eye. Only he’s not mad, it’s just the surface of the canvas that seems frenetic and crazy. Beneath this surface he’s calm, and he’s brilliant. And none are more brilliant for me than his four seasons series, Quattro Stagioni:

Have a look at this website, the best resource for lovers of Twombley; a gallery of (very nearly) every painting he has produced. You can’t beat it:


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