Sucker Punch

Combining a lot of slo-mo, pervy shots of young women in school uniforms fighting a bunch of clockwork zombies, giant Samurai, airships, robots and whatever else Zack Snyder read in Heavy Metal magazine, does not a good film make.

Sucker Punch is shockingly bad.

Usually there is also a script and a semblance of a plot, beyond trying to combine everything the director likes in to one film.

If you did that with food you’d end up with a random and quite possibly horrible mish-mash of flavours. Like a Prawn and Custard crumble.

By all accounts, not very tasty.

You can see why Snyder got funding for this one – schoolgirls, samurai swords, sci-fi, violence, sexual overtones…but it’s such an indulgent film, I didn’t give two hoots what happened to anyone, particularly given that the action happens in someone’s imagination. (Don’t worry- that isn’t a spoiler).

The cast do their best with limited dialogue and little motivation, beyond looking pretty. But they all play second fiddle to slo-mo CGI, which gets old very fast.

Have a look at the trailer. It makes it look like a riot. It’ll make you ask, ‘How will they bring all these crazy ideas together in to a coherent narrative?” The answer? They don’t.

It makes me worry that the Superman film from Snyder could be a proper damp squib. Here’s hoping he tones down the slo-mo, dials up the plot and learns from his mistakes here.

Prawns and Custard.


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