Winterwell Festival

Everyone knows about festival gunk. That insidious muddy goop that gets under your nails, on your feet and invariably finds its way in to your tent, sleeping bag and/or pants. By day two everyone in our 10 strong group was covered in it, but even the mud at Winterwell felt nicer and a little less invasive.

(I thought about posting my photos, but decided against it. Maybe I will at a later date…Watch this space)

Have a look at the website to check out the line up


Winterwell feels like a secret party -very personal and everything about it boutique; free hot showers, amazing food stalls, elaborate costumes and, most amazingly, clean toilets-the whole time. It’s touted as the biggest little festival and it really is. It has charm by the bucket load.

(Okay, the camping side wasn’t quite boutique, but that’s mainly because I stomped mud around the damn thing.)

The music was excellent (highlights: Ellen and The Escapades, Man Like Me,) the costumes were fun, the people were friendly and even though our gazebo’s were blown away by gale force winds, our tent stayed up. And by the second day, we’d pretty much forgotten about the rain (it was Winterwell rain anyway- it’s special)

4 word review? Loved it, going back.

(Winterwell done.)


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