This film is the story of a caving expedition that went to explore uncharted underground caves and, as you might expect, falls foul of the elements. It’s presented by James Cameron, so  expectation was high that this could have been The Abyss 2. But alas, it is more shoddy TV dramatisation than effective film.

If you like your films wet and panicky, then this is for you. For me, it was the film equivalent of being stuck in a big black bin liner and having it filled with water. You can see very little, you care very little, and when you do, it is only in the hope that you will glimpse something other than darkness.

Much like any standard slasher film, you know who’s going to die and in what order.  But the problem is, you really don’t care. And the script is so bad it was probably written in the dark. The effects (the water) are impressive in places, but mostly it just feels like a bad set, which is ironic considering a lot of it was shot on location. But it isn’t a slasher film, more’s the pity. It’s a true story (groan), which is rarely as exciting as fiction.

I’ve got a lot of time for Richard Roxburgh. He’s a great actor, and he does what he can with the meagre character he is given, but everyone else, including Ioan Grufford, is bland, bland, bland.

It’s exhausting, frustrating viewing. Maybe James Cameron was riding such a high after Avatar he felt he could take a weird risk and put his name to this one (executive producer credit only) but it’s not worthy of his name. Have a bath, then watch The Abyss if you want a proper underwater film. Or maybe Big Blue. Or Waterworld, even. Just not this.

Here’s the trailer:


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